Dance Class Defined: What to Expect in a Mommy and Me Dance Class

Dance Class Defined: What to Expect in a Mommy and Me Dance Class

Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your infant or busy toddler? A Mommy and Me class may be just what you’re looking for!

Often referred to as Parent and Me, Me and My Shadow, or Dance with Me, “Mommy and Me” lessons are infant and toddler movement classes done alongside a parent or caregiver.  Take a look to find out more about what these classes entail!

What is a Mommy and Me Dance Class?

A Mommy and Me class is a fun, upbeat class where a young child and parent, grandparent, relative, or other special caregiver engage in a variety of music and movement activities together. Generally offered for children up through the age 3, classes run anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes in length. A Mommy and Me class provides special bonding time with your child and allows you to meet other families in your area!

What to Expect in Class

A Mommy and Me class will often begin with a circle time activity to welcome one another. Nursery rhymes may be sung, stories may be read, and the students will sing and clap to lively music! Hands-on props such as colorful scarves, shaker toys, and musical instruments will be explored, encouraging your child’s musical awareness and creative expression. Caregivers will assist their child in activities that encourage the use of gross motor skills such as walking on a balance beam, crawling through tunnels, or hopping into hula hoops. With your assistance, little ones will practice turn taking skills, listening skills, and will become acclimated to the structure of a dance class.

What to Expect at Your Studio

Mommy and Me classes at your studio may be scheduled in shortened sessions instead of a typical September through May/June dance season. Check with your studio owner to see the duration of class, and be sure to register as soon as you can for the next session. These classes may fill up fast!

These classes Mommy and Me classes typically do not perform in a dance recital, but this is dependent on each dance studio.

What to Wear to Class

Check with your studio about a dress code. Usually little dancers can wear any basic dance attire, while adults can wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement. Some teachers want the class to have bare feet, while others prefer dance shoes or sneakers, so inquire first before purchasing anything.

Where To Take Class

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Watch a Mommy and Me Class 

Take a look at a Mommy and Me dance class at from the Ballet Austin Academy in Austin, Texas!

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