Back to School and Back to Dance: Supplies Needed for Class

Back to School and Back to Dance: Supplies Needed for Class

As many classroom teachers start preparing their classrooms and gathering lesson materials for the first few weeks of the new school year, dance educators are also prepping and preparing for the upcoming dance season! And just like schoolteachers may request certain supplies, such as crayons and pencils, for use in the classroom, dance teachers also have requests that dancers come to the studio prepared with. Here are 3 main dance supplies dancers should have when they come into the studio each week!

Dance Bag

Just like a backpack carries a student’s school books and supplies, a dance bag can carry all of the items a child needs for his/her dance class. The dance bag can hold dance shoes, a bottle of water, snacks, hair ties and hair spray, and any warm-ups or coverings a student may want for before or after class, such as leg warmers and sweatshirts.

Dance Attire

Schools require students follow a particular dress code or school uniform, and the same is true at most dance studios. Check with your studio director to determine what your child should be wearing to class (typically leotards and tights), any color requirements (black leotards, for example), shoe requirements, and hair style requirements (typically a ballet bun or ponytail with hair completely off of the face and neck).  If your child is dancing once per week, 1-2 leotards and 1-2 pairs of tights should be plenty sufficient. As your child begins to add additional days of classes, it would be advantageous to increase the number of leotards and tights you have on hand!

Dance Shoes

Dance shoes, just like gym shoes required for PE class, serve both a functional and safety purpose in the studio. Check with your studio owner for specific dance shoe styles, brands, and colors needed for your child’s dance class. Note that as your child grows and the shoes break down due to wear and tear, you may need to replace worn-out shoes prior to picture day or performance time. Be sure all shoes are labeled with your child’s name in case shoes get lost or misplaced in the studio.

With the right supplies on hand, your child will be ready for each day of class, whether in school or at the dance studio!

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