Dance Class Defined: What to Expect in a Creative Movement Class

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Dance Class Defined: What to Expect in a Creative Movement Class

Curious about what a creative movement dance class is and how it would benefit your child? Take a look to find out more about this fun, imaginative class your little one is sure to enjoy!

What is a Creative Movement Class?

Creative movement classes provide young children with an introduction to the magical world of dance! Using make-believe imagery, hands-on props, and interactive music, children explore basic dance concepts. Children also practice taking turns, sharing, and following directions. Creative movement classes are generally offered to littles ones (usually 2-4 years of age), but they can certainly be found for older dancers as well!

What to Expect in Class

Creative movement is usually conducted without a parent or grown-up assisting the child in class. For many little ones, this will be their first independent dance class experience! Creative movement classes may be focused around a particular theme or dance element suitable for young learners.

While students may be learning basic dance steps and body positions, it will likely look different than a traditional ballet or jazz class. Young children learn best by playing and exploring, so dance games, interactive songs, and imaginative stories will be plentiful in creative movement! You may see lots of play with parachutes, hula hoops, scarves, wands, and musical instruments. Creative movement classes provide a fun introduction to early dance skills that prepare your child for future dance lessons in a developmentally appropriate way.

What to Expect at Your Studio

Studios vary in how they design their creative movement classes. Some studios offer a stand-alone creative movement class, ranging anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. Other studios may incorporate creative movement into a combination class with instruction in additional dance styles (such as ballet or tap) and can last a full hour. Check with your studio to see how creative movement may be incorporated into their early childhood classes.

You may also wish to inquire about dance recital performances, as some studios have their creative movement classes perform on stage while others do not.

What to Wear to Class

Attire for creative movement varies from studio to studio, but leotards, tights, or any dancewear are always sufficient. You will want to inquire about what dance shoes (if any) your child should wear to class. Jewelry should not be worn, and hair should be pulled away from the face if it’s long enough to do so.

Where To Take Class

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Watch a Creative Movement Class

See how Ballet Austin Academy in Austin, Texas runs their creative movement program!

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