Dance Class Defined: What to Expect in a Ballet Class

Dance Class Defined: What to Expect in a Ballet Class

Are you or your child interested in starting ballet classes? If you are unsure where to begin, take a look at this handy guide to find out more about ballet classes and where to find a great place to take lessons!

What is a Ballet Class?

Ballet is a classical dance form with its own vocabulary, techniques, and teaching methods. Originating during the 15th century, ballet classes focus on developing good posture, improving balance, developing coordination, building strength, and increasing flexibility. Students learn ballet technique through a progressive series of exercises and steps while learning self-discipline, grace, and proper dance class etiquette.

What to Expect in Class

Ballet classes begin with exercises at the ballet barre, follow with combinations in the center of the room, and finish with movements across the floor. A variety of steps, positions, and positions are learned, each emphasizing a variety of essential ballet skills. Dancers will work on control, speed, timing, and musicality as more complex movements are taught.

After several years of consistent ballet training, dancers may advance to dancing en pointe (dancing on the tips of the toes) with teacher approval. This generally happens between the ages of 10-12 to ensure sufficient strength and solid technique.

What to Expect at Your Studio

Introductory ballet classes can begin for children as early as 2.5 years of age and continue through adult ages. Beginning level classes can run from 30 minutes to an hour while more advanced levels can go up to 90 minutes.

The ballet studio should be fully equipped with wall mounted or portable barres for balance. Full-length wall mounted mirrors should be present to monitor body alignment. Dance floors should be hardwood sprung flooring or vinyl/Marley flooring to prevent injury and enhance performance.

Check with your studio regarding performances for your or your child’s ballet class. Some studios have ballet classes perform a choreographed piece in end of season recitals, while other classes are strictly for technique.

What to Wear to Class

Verify with your studio administration about dress code for ballet classes. Ballet classes normally require a leotard, tights, and leather or canvas ballet shoes for girls. Some studios may allow ballet skirts and hip alignment belts, but this varies from studio to studio. Boy’s uniform can consist of a t-short, tights, a dance belt (undergarment), and ballet shoes. Inquire about color preference as well, as shoe, leotard, and tight preferences vary at each studio.

Most studios will require long hair to be pulled back into a bun with bangs and wisps and “fly-aways” pinned back. No jewelry of any kind should be worn in class.

Where To Take Class

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Watch a Ballet Class

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