Costs and Fees When Taking Dance Classes

Costs and Fees When Taking Dance Classes

As with any extracurricular activity, there will be fees and costs when enrolling your child in dance classes. Here are some items you may need to budget for when registering your child for lessons at your local dance studio.

Class Tuition

The amount you’ll pay in tuition is generally determined by the length of each dance class and the number of classes your child enrolls in.  Tuition may be charged monthly, quarterly, or per semester depending on your studio. Be sure you know the payment due dates to avoid late fees and to hold your child’s spot in class. You may wish to sign-up for automatic payment plans if your studio provides that service to customers.

You’ll want to know your studio’s attendance and make-up class policy because most studios will not prorate tuition if your child misses for any reason.

If you have other children interested in dancing, you can inquire about discounts for multiple classes and/or siblings who take class. Some studios may even offer a cap on tuition for additional family members.

Registration Fee

Many studios will require a non-refundable registration fee due at enrollment to cover administrative tasks. Typically ranging from $25-$50 per student, this fee covers registration paperwork and and customer set-up in the studio’s management system. The registration fee could either be a one-time payment for new students or an annual fee for returning students. Some studios may offer registration fee discounts for additional family members, so you may want to inquire if you have more than one child registering for class.

Dance Attire and Dance Shoes

Now that your child has signed up for his/her first dance class, you’ll want to be sure he/she has the right dance attire! Depending on the dance style, your studio will let you know which leotards, tights, dance skirts, shorts, or other dancewear your child should wear to class. The studio will also let you know what dance shoe they prefer, including style and color. Be sure you write your child’s name inside his/her dance shoes in case they get lost or misplaced! You may wish to get your child a dance bag so he/she can transport shoes and other items back and forth to class.

Dance Recital Expenses

Dance performance is an integral part of a child’s dance training, and many studios provide a recital showcase at the end of the dance season. Ask your studio owner what is required to purchase. You can certainly plan to budget for a dance costume for each class your child takes and tickets to the show.

Some studios have a Recital Fee that encompasses all things your child will need for the recital performance. This recital fee varies greatly from studio to studio and may cover the following items:

  • Costumes and tights
  • Recital t-shirt
  • Flowers
  • Professionally recorded DVD
  • 1-2 recital tickets
  • Printed recital program
  • Participation award

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